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Below you can find a selection of my work as a product manager.
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Give data scientists give all the tools they need to data scientist.

ML Platform, Reaching PM fit

When I joined the startup as employee #2, the team didn't know what product angle to take, serving too many use cases. After doing market research I found that complex solutions with steep learning curves crowded the market. We figured out that we should become an integrator of many different apps and frameworks that are already loved by data scientists. This allowed us to reach a growth rate of 60% quarter over quarter.

The struggle is real: Data scientists don’t understand Kubernetes but don't want to wait for DevOps

MLOps, Kubernetes, DevOps

Whenever data scientists wanted to deploy their pipelines to production they had to get the help of DevOps and Developers to convert their code into a production-ready state. To make a seamless development to the deployment process, we built a feature such that DevOps can create production environments within the platform. This reduced wait times and hurdles, which led to upsells by 3x.

Enable a developer community to flourish around your product

Growth, Blockchain

We had an online community of 18K+ users. There were no monetization or community management plans. I spearheaded the effort to identify relevant users, provide value to them and to the company, and grow the developer community. This led to launching royalty point system with over 5K USD redeemed in the first 4 months, 15+ partnerships closed, and an increase in inbound leads by 300%.

Business Intelligence tools can drive upsells

EdTech, Internal data tools

Customer Success Teams didn't have any access to customer usage data and whenever they wanted to get any quantitative reports they had to contact the engineering team for help. We wanted to free up engineering time and give access to user usage data. In order to achieve this, I led the initiative to implement a business intelligence tool alongside the help of developers and CS teams. This reduced the time spent on each client from over 2 hours to under 5 min.

I don’t want to stumble on errors. I want to squash the bugs as soon as they become problematic

DevTools, GitHub, Notifications

Users were unaware that whenever they pushed bad code it wouldn't sync into the platform. We created a status bar and notification system whenever the git repos were not synced such that users would be able to easily troubleshoot any bad commits. This saved 10% of our customers' and developers' time.

Developers have their own working styles. Many like VSCode so they say let UsCode.

DevTools, ML

The platform supported Jupyter notebooks but not all users wanted to use them. The aim was to support VSCode but more broadly any IDE by allowing users to register their computer and ssh into the development environments. This increased user satisfaction with the platform and helped retain and upsell customers.

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